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The regular member of the association can be any economic organization, economic company, sole proprietor, institute, institution, individual with or without legal personality operating in the field of environmental services, who carries out his / her activity with a domestic seat, accepts the statutes of the association with binding force. undertakes to pay, professionally or otherwise supports the achievement of the objectives.

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Benefits of the membership:

  • a community in the green industry – which inspires, motivates and generates innovation,
  • knowledge center – which gives access to information relevant to the sector, and o­ers possibilities to implement professional recommendations,
  • a community of like-minded individuals – shaping the way to sustainability and circular economy,
  • relational capital – forming business partnerships for economic viability and efficiency,
  • green marketing consulting in the sector,
  • discounts for participations at professional events and in media appearances
  • prompting members’ participation in the dual education system,
  • writing applications, participating in national and international tenders,
  • organizing networking events
  • established media relations allowing to introduce and popularize eco-industrial activities,
  • in our newsletters, we keep our members informed of the current events, the tenders and the legislative changes in the green industry,
  • business partnership – mediation in products and services related to the green industry,
  • ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry Exhibition organized every second year – ÖKOINDUSTRIA Grand Prize,
  • yearly National Environmental Protection Meeting focusing on networking

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Association of Environmental Enterprises
Keleti Károly u. 11/A., 1024 Budapest, 
Phone.: 350-7271, 350-7274, 336-0680
e-mail: kszgysz(at)kszgysz.hu

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